Mass Export of Niagara Histories to CSV Files

Yet another way to export Niagara histories, this time with a program object. This object will convert every history within a station to a individual CSV file. In AX, these are located in the historyExports folder under the station home directory. In N4, these will be located in /shared/historyExports/ under the station home. Keep in mind, running this on a Jace may cause the station to run out of disk space. Depending on the number and length of the histories this process can take a few minutes.

When the object is executed, it locates all the histories within the station its ran on. One by one these are converted to CSV and saved as individual files. File names will be the history name with special characters escaped. If their are histories from multiple stations, individual folders are created per station under the export folder. Each CSV file will contain the timestamp and value of the full history time frame. Values are just the numeric portion, no units. This makes it easy to use within excel if you need to preform math functions on them. The status slot of the object will display the current history being exported as it runs. Once complete it will contain a total number of histories exported.

Giving credit where do, this code originally came from the Niagara Central Community. The post there was for AX only, hard to find and didn’t clearly cover all the steps needed to implement a working object. Hopefully this will clear up the finer details. Tested under AX3.8 & N4.3.

N4 Program Object Code
AX Program Object Code

Changing the references to getProgram to getComponent are the only differences in code between AX & N4. Some of the package names also vary slightly.